Guide to Choosing a Wedding Gift

Finding the perfect Wedding Gift

Guide to Choosing a Wedding Giftdoes not really seem to be so hard at our first thought. All you have to do is run out and buy a crock pot or a toaster and you already think that you have the perfect wedding gift for the newlywed couple. Nowadays, choosing the traditional kitchen appliance as your wedding gift won’t probably the perfect wedding gift anymore. Here are some few tips on wedding etiquette gift giving that you should know.

Checking out their registry

A lot of couples would decide to register at their favourite stores and use a universal gift registry wherein they can list a lot of gift ideas from many places. Typically, when you try to utilize the gift registry, you’ll have variety of items to choose from wherein you could buy it personally from department stores or even from online websites. Starting out couples will always list gift ideas for starting their new home like their kitchenware, bed, bath needs and even decor items. Purchasing gifts from the store wherein the couple is registered will ensure you that the gift is being “marked off” in the list so no one else purchases the same gift.

Who is the couple?

If the couple has not set up a wedding gift registry and you had also decided not to go with a gift on the gift registry, then you may give some thought as to the interests of the couple. A gift that appeals to the newlywed is really important. You should try to consider what are the type of things does they enjoy together- and what are the things that they both like. If the couple is one of your closest friends then this would be a lot easier, but if you’re intimately just acquainted with the couple you may try to ask questions about their interests. Try to ask and talk to their family and friends to get ideas on what would be the types of gifts that you should choose.

Sharing the Expense

Expensive gifts are sometimes the most perfect wedding gift for the newlywed couple, the one that you can’t afford. These are usually the luxurious gifts that they can’t afford to buy for themselves. Couples would probably put higher ticket items on their registry allowing you to purchase a gift with group of people. You can go in together with a few people and purchase a gift. It is really great to share the appreciation from the couple when you know that the gift you have offered is really perfect.

The Flip Side

Many couples are already choosing to have a non traditional weddings for several reasons. It’s either because of a second marriage, being socially conscience or the wedding expense. You should always remember that your wedding gift should also reflect the couple’s wishes. If the couple has no requested wedding gift then a donation to charity with their name on it would be appropriate. But on the budget side, creating a scrapbook with the couples cherished memories and photographs would be a very great idea. You may also offer your time and service when it is a second marriage as your gift if the couple has not requested any gift.

If you still don’t see the gift that you would like to give to the couple then you can just have a generic wedding gift for them.